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Our project for 2020: HOMA plus

A service which will have 4 functions:

1- To connect to HOMA : create your personal account and tell your story as you like, connect with your local antenna and participate in the association’s activities and projects.

2- Protect our life and that of our children on the Internet:
Advice: for example to configure the family’s smartphones in order to avoid
hackers, fake news, harassment…

3- integrate different manners of sharing with our close friends and relatives,
Nominate a personne responsible for our digital legacy and the contact with the solicitor or lawyer.

4- Safeguard and pass on our private and immaterial heritage: true stories,audio content,video,photos etc.

Yuval Noah Harrari, in his book “21 lessons for the 21st century”,proposes to reconnect ourselves with our own experiences and emotions:

The future belongs to he who possesses the data(………) Could Web Algorithms form the structure which will enable the human community of the earth to collectively possess the data and watch over the future development of life.

We need the tools to enable people to connect with their own experiences, their body and not their “likes”

This is one of the ambitions of HOMA.

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