HOMA for a world which prefers reality to illusion, importance to urgency and transmission to oblivion.

To help reconnect to the real world and so make our presence in the world meaningful.

To express, to safeguard and to pass on our public and private immaterial heritage.

Website in the process of creation, trial version 2019.

HOMA has several meanings. It means human being in Esperanto ( Universal language)

HOMA Is a mythical bird in Persian literature, it wanders in celestial heights and covers with its wings all those to whom it can dispense its virtues. It also symbolizes happiness.



A place for memory preservation to safeguard personal and moving words before they are lost for ever.

A non-profit making association with local spokespeople to create and maintain links which give ordinary life meaning.

Memory Arches in the hearts of our cities to give a voice to the stones.


Yes HOMA is a non-profit making association which exists thanks to its founders and its members. Sponsorship and gifts help to open up the platform to the public at large and offer more content, create local employment( assistance with digital technology and the transmission of individual immaterial and local heritage )and projects ,local Memory Arches for example.


It is first and foremost your gift of stories which enriches the website. So thank you! We would of course be honored to count you amongst our members and donators to support our action. This is the place.

Perhaps you would like to represent HOMA in your area. Contact us to discuss this.



First of all click on “share your emotions”. You can write or copy down your text using a maximum of 1500 letters. Several texts can follow each other on numbered pages, for example “the salt of the earth” 1/2/3 you can also do a video recording (maximum one minute ) or an audio commentary (maximum three minutes.)

Then you need to identify yourself: name/surname/email and choose options “anonymous for this story “ and “subscribe to the newsletter”

Indicate: title ( number the pages if you want to continue a story ) date ,place and choose from the theme category. This information will enable users to find stories they like.

Then “Publish”!

In view of possible connection difficulties and especially the delay for moderation (see below) the time it takes for your story to appear on the website can be several days.
Important: so as not to lose your content, we strongly advise you to safeguard the text on a software program of your choice (copy /paste will suffice.)For all questions concerning the use of the website two solutions.

  1. The contact form: Click here.
  2. Contact the local spokesperson



Although we consider naivety as a regretted, lost quality at an adult age, we desire to control and make the content on HOMA durable. We have chosen the most difficult solution: moderation before publishing.

No content will be published before being filtered by HOMA and identified as being respectful of fundamental rules and ethics linked to the respect of our fellow beings. The content, although subjective, needs to be respectful in order to be published. Our guide in this is Spinoza “Do not judge, or hate, but under stand.”

My story hasn’t been published. WHY?

HOMA presents contact linked to personal emotional experience: any content which would break the laws in force, that does not respect the person and is defamatory or that aims at commercial or advertising usage of the website will be deleted.
You can of course contact us if you judge that we are mistaken, which can happen even with the best intentions.


Why Display in the form of a map of the world.

Our idea is that important moments in our lives are linked to an environment, to a time, to a place which marks and testifies to an existence.
Discover the world through the emotions of human beings who have walked on the earth would be wonderful.
What about you?


I would like to create an account to tell lots of stories.

It will soon be possible to create an account, thanks to the extension of our services.

It is the project HOMAPLUS
If you want more information. It’s here


Why can I not comment or like the stories?

This is an editorial choice in order to let the story simply exist intact and unique in its own silence after reading. You are warmly invited to react in turn by publishing your story.
The development of the service will allow you to thank the author of the story and follow his publications.


Are my personal details used for commercial purposes?

No it is not a commercial project; the association operates thanks to the the desire of its founders and the gifts of its members.
The stories and content which you publish are a gift to the community. You concede the rights to publish to the association, that’s all.
You can request in writing the removal of your contributions.


Is my private life protected?

HOMA offers the opportunity to be in control of your digital activity in differentiating between public and private life with the help of two services.
– HOMAPUBLIC to give and receive stories, open to all for a common goal. It is an exchange of gifts, of meaningful stories between members of the human community, free and open.

– HOMAPLUS : News related to local and international projects, advice and tools to protect our children in the digital world and conservation and transmission of our immaterial private heritage within the circle of family and friends.
The content is coded and remains your property. More information: click here


I have no faith in digital services. How is HOMA different?

You are thus aware that you are a “data cow”as Yuval HARARI calls it and you are right to be wary! Digital services, in particular the monsters we know, steal our personal data and take advantage in return of a service which we can no longer do without.

It is wise to revise our habits and take important initiatives like Framasoft. HOMA offers you a different type of service based on;

No aim to make a profit: HOMA is a non-profit making association.

Guarantee: no exploitation of your personal details.

Freedom: le the digital world is a tool which has to be mastered in order for us not to become a slave to it.

Responsibility: concentrating on what is essential allows us to use less energy and time: the “slow digital” or responsible digital.

– he meaning: ask yourself what really counts for you in life.
What appears to be important is the total subjectivity of the experiences of each and every one of us in the uniqueness of his story and his emotions which reveal the wonderful imperfection of our lives; an awareness which leads to empowerment.

Connection with the real world: local spokesmen and spokeswomen, Memory Arches…… to create links which give meaning.

– HOMAPLUS : A secure service for conservation and transmission : to learn to separate public life and private digital life and to become aware of our immaterial heritage.