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“Experiencing what we bring to each other makes us stronger and creates a soothing effect, the feeling of belonging to a community, to a meaningful life.” Christophe André

In a world where the getting, the irresponsibility and the urgency alienates us from our humanity, it is urgent to take a little time to re-center on what is essential.
Emotions: joy, pain, anger, love, suffering, wonder, fear, shame….Are the most universal human common denominators, beyond genre, culture and generation.
They draw us closer to others and to ourselves.

Telling stories and having stories told to us about the important moments in our lives linked to a place, a time, an emotion seems essential in order to:
– Encourage feelings of thankfulness and belonging.
– Safeguard and pass on an inter-generational link which establishes our emotional heritage.
– Always remember that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.




A digital platform, local spokeswomen and men,Memory Arches in the hearts of towns.


To be, to safeguard, and to pass on.