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HOMA is a non-profit making association where you can become the local spokes man / woman.
To create and maintain links which give meaning to everyday life
Listen to, safeguard a spoken word before it is lost for ever ; express important moments in our lives, organize generational dialogues, construct Memory Arches, talk to local associations.

Connect to the Internet those who know nothing about it and help those who
have a dependency on it to reconnect with reality.
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The Memory Arches: local, concrete action of the association HOMA for the safeguarding and transmission of our common immaterial heritage. Situated in the heart of our everyday life, this structure offers to give out a selection of testimonies and emotions of the inhabitants and visitors who have been in the town and have lived an important moment in their lives there.

Memories, feelings, actions in the area, interpretation of past events… Will be handed down in the form of pictures, texts and videos. They invite citizens to experience the notion that our present vibrations and sounds in the places we live in are fugitive, that the stones have conserved these memories and that it is possible to have them reveal their secrets.

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HOMA « Plus »

Evolving towards an application which will allow you to create your account and freely write, connect to the local antenna and participate in animation and projects organized by the association.

Protect our digital private life and that of our children by advising them on the use of tools such as smartphone Internet etc.

Safeguard and hand down our private immaterial heritage personal experiences, family stories to a person or group of people at a set time.

The context and information about you and are totally protected and filed: they remain your property and that of your readers.

In the process of being developed; it will be launched when there is a minimum of 2000 subscribers.

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